We must fight this differently as the current methods are failing big time.


Let’s just ask each other, are you OK with the change I have just made

Organised cyber criminals now target your employees, customers and suppliers, not you directly, which they then use to convince you to send your money to them instead of the right place. This creates a bottom line impact on your business and the cost is much more than the direct money paid to them that has been lost, it is the lost of trust which is even worse as affects your ongoing income.


CyberBUND is an approved Xero Connected App.

They use methods to by-pass IT, passwords and your internal systems to get in as it is about playing on your trust of each other as without trust, we just can’t operate a business. We are being asked to double check every change request to combat this, but this is time consuming and subject to human error as many are unwilling to take this extra time as they know better, exactly what the criminals play on.

The only way we can fight them is coming together by using the simple automatic process that links to your accounting system of asking each other are we OK with the change which happens automatically.

At end of the day, this is all about your money and how we keep it from being taken.

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The simple way

When you change data in your accounting system, we then ask your employee, client or supplier are they OK with the change.


Take Action

Cyber attacks are growing at 424% pa and SMB’s are a major target as seen as easy and safe money.

Why you

After speaking to many, the common story is “I thought it was my client/supplier asking for the change”

As an insurance company said when we spoke to them. They called us “the back to base alarm” that is always watching as people are human.

It could be just like forgetting to lock the front door when you go out or not locking the car as you are only away for a minute It only takes one lapse for the loss to happen.

But with us, your alarm is still working so if they do get in, you can deal with it.