CyberBUND is a Xero Connected App. When any record is updated in Xero, CyberBUND receives notification of the change and then will process checking the data for any problems and notify instantly if any. Then connects with the customer or supplier to ask if the change is OK making sure the criminals haven’t got in.

CyberBUND’s base product is free to all as we believe everyone should be protected.

We have learnt that currently 65% of emails in peoples accounting systems are already exposed to criminals as shown.

Organised cyber criminals are using this to target your employees, customers and suppliers, not you directly. They then use this to convince you to send your money to them instead of the right place.

A recent FBI report states that $26B in the last 3 years has been lost to this attack method. Jeans retailer Diesel, attributed part of its bankruptcy in part to this pervasive wire fraud.

The only way we can fight them is coming together by using the simple process of asking each other are we OK with the change which happens automatically.

At end of the day, this is all about your money and how we keep it from being taken.

See the full report at

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Simple 3 step Signup Process

  • Connect to Xero

  • Fill in who you are

  • Confirm your details from Xero

We then read all you customers, supplier and contact records to do a risk analysis and send you an email with the summary data.

We then create a set of “hashed” data for any future change checks. This “hash” data is a one way encryption that can’t be converted back to the original data. We use the “argon2id” method developed in 2015.

We then continue to monitor your system at all times.

You can disconnect at anytime, but we will go through some extra checks as it could be someone wanting to turn us off so they can compromise your system.


After signup, CyberBUND will send an analysis of your systems stating risk levels and what is needed.

This is run every two weeks

Shown to the left is the part of the display of risk data shown in the web app.

You can see this your risk levels and then act on the records required to have initial protection activities.

Rejection Alarm

Any time a customer or supplier rejects a change, you will be notified instantly and if a Bank change, an SMS will be sent for premium users.


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  • Support

    • email us at We will answer as soon as possible with in Australian Eastern Standard business hours.

  • You have a copy of my accounting data

    • We have only part of your data. We encrypt the key data and also “hash” some of the data so it can’t even be decrypted. We are using the new “Argon2id” hash encryption model

    • We use this “hash” data to compare your data with others to find patterns so we can pick up unapproved changes to protect everyone

    • We have also designed our system using a blind data model which means each company is in it’s own silo with its own keys

  • You include my data in you Global report

    • We only take the over all total and display this so there is nothing to identify you to anyone of your internal level of risk.

    • This allows you to check how you are doing to everyone else, as when you can measure, you can act.

  • Xero sends me a notice when I change bank details

    • This only works on an existing record. We also check when a new record is created

    • This is an internal email, but if the criminal has fully convinced you, then you will ignore

    • You aren’t asking who matters if this is OK and when they reject the change, then you are helping everyone else going forward

    • You could have internal fraud happening and think you are safe

  • The email has been delivered and nothing has happened

    • Send them a personal email telling them CyberBUND has sent a verification email and did they see it or had it gone into Spam. Then ask did them if they are going to do anything about it or had it gone to the wrong person.

    • Email systems have a habit of marking things as spam when they not and we should always glance at that folder one a week

  • The email has been opened and nothing done

    • Have found that some after they open the email then wait for the bookkeeper comes in to check the details in Xero and sometimes that takes a week

    • If you are concerned, send a personal email asking did they get it and have they done anything about it.

    • We recently added extra wording for people who feel they should do nothing as could be an attack on them. We are asking that they ring you to confirm.

  • Can I pick which companies is in the initial alert

    • Yes, this allows you to see who have a higher risk as we match data against other services.