Is that actually your boss? Vigilance urged as ‘deep fake’ used to scam unwitting businesses

The criminals are becoming so good at impersonating, how are you going to get around this? The only way is to have an independent system that goes back to the source and asks, "are you OK with this" as we as humans can be fooled.

At CyberBUND, this is what we are working on starting with your Xero accounting system in anytime you change something, an email is sent asking the client or supplier are they OK with the change. Simple but effective as now the criminal must intercept this communication as well, but once we catch one bad change, we know it instantly for the next one who is on our system. #cybersecurity

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A deep faked President Obama surfaced last year.

A deep faked President Obama surfaced last year.

News Corp talking about SMB Hackers

They at New Corp couldn't have written a better story about what I'm building to stop.

Why small business is the new big target for cyber hackers


Small business owners have enough to worry about without thinking they’re the next big target for hackers. But there’s a growing threat to some of our smallest companies — so everyone needs to be prepared.

It might feel like something out of a made-for-TV movie, but cyber criminals are ruthlessly targeting small Australian businesses and experts are warning that these Aussie business owners need to protect themselves, or face the possibility of financial ruin.

Small to medium businesses are now the target of 43 per cent of all cyber crimes, according to a recent report by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (toting the tricky acronym ASBFEO). And even more distressing is the report that 60 per cent of those same small businesses go bust within six months of the sabotage.

“Attackers are realising that larger organisations have better levels of protection whereas smaller organisations don’t,” said Professor Matthew Warren, deputy director of Deakin University’s Centre for Cyber Security Research.

“Small business don’t have the cyber security expertise, they don’t have the budget to spend on cyber security and they’re not up to date with all the different types of threats.

“The problem a small business has is that as soon as you lose the trust of your customers they are never going to come back.”

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