Features Overview

ASKing is so powerful

It sounds so simple, but is hard as per “Steve Jobs” quote. We link to your accounting system like Xero currently and when you do a change, we email the employee, client or supplier asking if they are OK with the change just like you get from our consumer products like Facebook, Apple and Google when we change details.

BUT, much more is what us happening behind the scenes as we cross check the data, check the reply and apply multiple analysis models. We call this a “human driven, machine assisted” model that will grow stronger over time.

email template.png


This is the email that goes out to ask if they are OK with the data change.

Risk Screen.png

Risk Report

A bi-weekly report is run to keep you informed on activity and risks levels with your data.

The GET STARTed Process

It is a simple process to get up and going, and then only get notified when someone states things are wrong.

Goto app.cyberbund.com

  1. Select Sign Up button

  2. Enter your Invite code

    • If you don’t have this, request one by clicking on the invite button

  3. Connect to Xero and pick your company

  4. Enter your details of email and password

  5. Confirm company details

  6. Fill in your details required for emails and SMS notice

  7. Use Xero as per normal

When a rejection happens

  1. You get an email of a rejection

  2. If Bank details involved, then will get an SMS as well

  3. Contact the employee, customer or supplier to confirm details manually

  4. Work together to make sure both are protected going forward

What we are doing

  1. Building a database of acceptances for good data

  2. Building a database of rejections so more people can be protected

  3. Building an incident model to allow quick resolutions

  4. Building an army to fight the criminals

In Action

See a demo of CyberBUND in action in this quick video.

HOW much

Will be charging A$50 per month per organisation starting from when fully shipping which is planned for August. All early signups will get 50% discount for 2 months.

For Accountants and Advisors who want to help their clients, email us for the partnership deal.

If a startup or less than 20 contacts in Xero, contact us for a special pricing.


  • I don’t have Xero

    • We are working to bring others on board. Let us know which accounting system you want us to support

  • You have a copy of my accounting data

    • We have only part of your data. We encrypt the key data and also “hash” some of the data so it can’t even be decrypted. We are using the new “Argon” hash encryption model

    • We use this “hash” data to compare your data with others to find patterns so we can pick up unapproved changes to protect everyone

    • We have also designed our system using a blind data model which means each company is in it’s own silo with its own keys

  • Xero sends me a notice when I change bank details

    • This only works on an existing record. We also check when a new record is created

    • This is an internal email, but if the criminal has fully convinced you, then you will ignore

    • You aren’t asking who matters if this is OK and when they reject the change, then you are helping everyone else going forward

    • You could have internal fraud happening and think you are safe

  • The email has been delivered and nothing has happened

    • Send them a personal email telling them CyberBUND has sent a verification email and did they see it or had it gone into Spam. Then ask did them if they are going to do anything about it or had it gone to the wrong person.

    • Email system have a habit of marking things as spam when they not and we should always glance at that folder one a week

  • The email has been opened and nothing done

    • Have found that some after they open the email then wait for the bookkeeper comes in to check the details in Xero and sometimes that takes a week

    • If you are concerned, send a personal email asking did they get it and have they done anything about it.

  • Can I pick which companies is in the initial alert

    • Yes, that is coming shortly

    • This will also allow you to see who have a higher risk as we match data against other services