You have rejected a data change request which has bank details included.

We have notified via email and SMS the owner that you have rejected their changes of your data, but you need to contact them via “old” school methods of a simple phone call and sort out the problem as something isn’t right. It could be something as simple as a typo or at the worse level, someone has impersonated you to get your details changed.

  • make that phone call NOW, your money is at risk

  • work out why the change was made

  • check your internal systems

  • let others know this has happen

  • be vigilant going forward

From CyberBUND

Thank you for adding to our database this rejection data so we can protect everyone and act quicker if any other change happens.

We work with a simple process of when data is changed in the accounting system, we then ask the employee, client or supplier are they OK with the change as we fight the criminals who work to impersonate them.

Organised cyber criminals now target your employees, customers and suppliers, not you directly. They then use this to convince you to send your money to them instead of the right place. This creates a bottom line impact on your business and the cost is much more than the direct money paid to them that has been lost, it is the lost of trust which is even worse as affects your ongoing income.

It isn’t your systems that is at risk, it is how secure your employee, client or supplier systems are that you can’t control.

See the current global report at https://app.cyberbund.com/global