This Isn’t a Tech-Only Problem. This is a People Problem.

It’s about behaviour not systems. The criminal mind is at work targeting our stupid behaviour.

The big end of town has the resources and systems most SMB’s don’t. The criminals are smart, they know this.

Armies of hackers scrape your data from wherever. They’re watching you and learning your behaviour patterns. As soon as you slip-up you’re done.

They’re pinging us off one-by-one. We’re suckers. It’s just a matter of time.

So, what to do?

Introducing the Founders, the people who are helping you do something about this not so Tech-only problem.


The Founders


Peter Tippett is technical and a 40 year veteran of building world class software products across accounting, video conferencing, legal, and live TV. Peter was the CTO & COO of iPowow and then built a messaging/communication product for a top-four bank. He holds a Global Patent in Live TV engagement.


Ettienne Fourie is entrepreneurial sales and marketing. Built an Outdoor Advertising business, pioneered Business Coaching for SMB’s. Built iPowow as CEO from the original political tool, “the worm”, to raising $18M and becoming an award-winning Live TV engagement tool.


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