Criminals are Targeting Your Xero Accounts




Cleaning your Xero records to a 100% perfect is too hard




Target 20% of your at risk” records to reduce threat by 80%


Current Number of Compromised Emails Identified

Across all Xero and Cyberbund Records


Within 60-Minutes after signup Cyberbund will…

Review and risk analysis of all your customer, supplier and contact records, then send you an email with the summary data.

Encrypt all data so that no one including us can see it and it only makes sense to our data profiling technology.

As you update a record in Xero, Cyberbund checks for any problems and will notify you instantly if necessary.

Cyberbund then asks your customer or supplier if the change is OK making sure the criminals are kept in check.

Continue to monitor your system at all times and send an updated report every 2 weeks.

You can disconnect at anytime.


80% of Your Risk Gone in 3 Easy Steps


Screenshots of Your Xero Cyber Fraud Investigation


What Xero + Cyberbund Customers are Saying…


Murray Begg (CEO)

The Republic Bakery

“Like most of my cohort, any exposure to to these technologically sophisticated fraudsters is a risk I can ill-afford to sponsor by inaction. I sleep easier now thanks to Cyberbund.”


Andrew Paton-Smith (CEO)


“Cyber crime is about more than technology, it is about being vigilant across all touchpoints and all stakeholders of a business. Cyberbund warns us instantly when even our supplier and customer’s details have been compromised so that we can be ahead of the game.”



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